Plunked by Michael Northtrop made by Ella


Plunked by Michael Northtrop is about 6th grader Jack Mogens. He believes he has his baseball career figured out. All he needs to do is secure his spot as a starter on his baseball team. While worrying about his spot on the team he has the thought of Katie Bowe, his crush and amazing shortstop bothering him. Luckily he has a great best friend, Andy, who plays baseball with him and is always there for him. But he also has a nemesis on his team, Kurt Beacham, but Jack prefers to call him Malfoy, Kurt is another thing that he must worry about. To top off all of his troubles, in one of the first games of the season Jack is hit in the head by a wild pitch. This pitch forces him to rethink whether he should be playing baseball or not. His team is worried about him because any pitch that comes a little bit inside makes Jack flinch.

Read the book to figure out these questions:

-Will Jack earn a starting spot on his baseball team?

-Will he ever tell his team why he is afraid of inside pitches?

-Does Jack ever have a conversation with Katie?

-How does Jack deal with "Malfoy"?

-Will he ever play baseball again?


The theme of this book is don't let your fears control you. I believe this is the theme because when Jack was afraid of every inside pitch that came at him he thought he should quit baseball. Even though he loved baseball so much his fear lead him to the conclusion that he couldn't play anymore. Also his team started to think he was lying and some became angry. This shows that you shouldn't let your fears control you.

Book Recommendation

If you found this book interesting you might also enjoy Baseball Great by Tim Green. This is about 12 year old Josh who is great at baseball. Even the school reporter seems to think so, but when his takes him from the school team to the Titans Josh is faced with a decision. He can either risk his or health or risk loosing his team. Both of these book show boys who have faced a problem in baseball and you won't want to put them down. Don't forget to read Plunked by Michael Northtrop.

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