Good Life Performance Madison Cydis

Upon entering the building, I was captivated by all of the art work that was around me. I spent some time looking at the art while I was waiting in line. Doing this helped open my mind before the show. My seat inside of the theater was close to the front, and next to the aisle. I thought I had a great seat because the actors walked right past me several times and really kept me interested in the performance. When the audience quieted down, I could feel the anticipation and couldn't wait for the show to start. Overall, the atmosphere really contributed to my experience, revealing that places can help us seek the good life by helping us open our minds and think critically.
I went to the performance with several of my friends. I think attending the play with people enhanced my experience, as it allowed me to discuss the play and its components before and after the show. We helped each other understand certain scenes and parts of the play if anyone was confused. Overall, attending the performance with other people allowed me to better understand the performance and its message, revealing that other people can help us reach the good life.
The main theme of the play is the relationship between art, religion, and life, which I knew before seeing the performance. The performance really opened my eyes and helped me realize that certain aspects of our life play a role in what we do in other aspects of our life. Our characteristics from one "role" that we fill may overlap--or contradict--characteristics from other "roles" in our life. The performance made me reflect on my own values and "roles", and I realized that some of the things I do can unknowingly contradict these values and roles. For example, I consider myself a humanitarian at heart. I want to become a physician and help people when I get older. However, the play made me realize that things I do on a daily basis can contradict that. When I buy clothing and items from stores, they are most likely made in sweat shops in foreign countries. Overall, the play made me realize that no matter how hard we try, we will always do unintentional harm to certain people.
The performance allowed for the audience to "come clean" by pointing out some of our major, contemporary societal flaws through art and acting. For example, one of the main things the play pointed out was how we buy clothing from stores, and the clothing is made by suffering people that are essentially slaves. The play allowed for us to reflect on our own actions, and potentially sparked change within us. During the talk-back with the actors, this topic was discussed. There will always be contradiction in our lives that will cause pain and suffering to others. Leaving the performance, I remember feeling enlightened and vowed to be more conscious of the effects of my decisions on others.

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