Life At Home During The Pandemic By Alexis Hernandez

March 2020 was the month that changed life for all. The Coronavirus started in Wuhan, China and spread rapidly and soon declared a pandemic. Following this, the world slowly started to shut down. Schools announced a 2 week suspension and restaurants shut their doors not allowing anyone to dine in. In the beginning people felt this virus would pass over and some didn’t fear it as allegedly the only people facing danger to the virus were seniors and the immunocompromised. One year later, and life with the pandemic has become the new norm. Many students have returned to school on a hybrid schedule and businesses have begun to reopen. However, many are still facing the difficulties brought on by the pandemic. That is why my photo essay will be documenting what it is like as an immunocompromised high school student during the pandemic.

My first photo is a photo that truly depicts the different learning situation as some students are in person and others are online. The students in person have a mask and the others do not. The second photo shows what one can expect as an elearner. Since teachers can’t physically hand out papers to elearners they assign digital copies. The third photo depicts the change that not only the immunocompromised student must sacrifice, but also those around them. The fourth photo shows the location and another major difference between elearning and in person learning. The fifth photo shows what someone that is immunocompromised can do during these times, since there isn't much else to do. The sixth photo shows the precautions that one must take when going out and shows a sarcastic emotion. The seventh photo shows a certain detail to another activity one can do as an elearner that wouldn’t be possible if in person.The eighth photo shows the non conventional side to elearning as it reflects another location. The ninth photo shows the lonelier side to elearning as sometimes it can be difficult when there is no one around or in the same position. The tenth photo depicts the joyous emotion one faces when realizing the end of the pandemic fear is near. Through each photo I hope to portray the emotions and the day to day life one can face being immuno compromised during the pandemic. Since I am completely remote I wanted to capture the same reflection and primarily show the computer as that is a key part in remote learning.

Due to the pandemic, multiple students are unable to attend in person learning. Here, viewers can see the new way students are given assignments. Since students are at home all assignments are given through Google Classroom. -Signature Photo
Elizabeth Limon mother of Nazareth Academy junior Alexis Hernandez works from home. Hernandez lives with 85 year old Grandma and is immuno compromised herself making everyone remain at home due to the high risk brought on by COVID. -The Portrait Photo
The pandemic has brought on multiple changes. This can even include a change in learning space. Here is just one of the newest “classroom” spaces for Nazareth Academy Junior Alexis Hernandez. -The Scene
Although there isn’t much to do while in lockdown there still are walks. Now that the weather is warming up it’s nice to get fresh air while still remaining safe with a mask if there are others around. -Detail photo
Bringing a mask is just as important as bringing one’s keys or wallet. Now, due to COVID everyone must wear a mask to protect themselves and others. -Detail Photo
Here neighbor of Junior Alexis Hernandez walks with precaution. With the pandemic students that are elearning are unable to have certain breaks from things as their main learning location is their home. So, here people can see that going outside and enjoying a different scenery can be an escape. -The Scene
As stated above, remote learning can consist of one room. A student’s home or bedroom is considered a safe haven, a place to escape from stress. That’s why in this photo Junior Alexis Hernandez is studying outside with somewhat new scenery. -The Scene
Learning from home can have its difficulties. Students that are fully remote must stream into classes live which sometimes results in tech difficulties such as blurry views and slower transmission on both ends. -The closeup
In this photo Juan Hernandez father of Nazareth Academy Junior Alexis Hernandez smiles once receiving COVID vaccine. Throughout the pandemic there are been difficulties, but this photo shows the joy some face when starting to have a small sense of normalcy. -The Clincher