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Visual Psychology

How Sprik Realty Group uses professional imagery to sell homes....

Color Correction and Brightness: People are generally not as attracted to the dark and dull as they are to the bright and light. Mixed lighting situations, dark corners, and overall dark images can negatively affect the buyer’s view of a property. Our highly trained photographers utilize proper color correction techniques to ensure a natural even tone and vibrancy on each image. We take the brightest aspects of each shot, along with the darkest of detail, to create a dynamic range that shows each feature in it's best possible light.

Composition: When composing an interior image, what is included or left out, can contribute to the image’s overall effectiveness. Most people intuitively recognize when a photo works and when it doesn’t. Paying attention to factors that affect perspective is key when composing real estate photos. Our photographers are trained to correctly compose images that show perspective, key features, and space.

Distractions: Removing objects and colors that don’t aid in presenting the features of the home, will present a clean view without distractions. Things like people, animals, and miscellaneous junk are common items that should always be removed when shooting real estate photos. The magic is in the details. Combing the entire area for anything that stands out in the scene can substantially improve the quality of your images and allow the property to look its best. We start by providing you with a Home Prep-Sheet that will give you a good idea of how to prepare the property for going on the market. At the shoot, our photographers assist by staging or removing items that may distract a potential buyer from seeing through to the beauty and features of a property.

Disorienting interiors: Many of us spend our waking hours inside buildings; as a result we have a well-developed mental model of how interior spaces work. If interiors are too different from this mental model in terms of color, perspective, verticals or horizontals, we tend to feel uncomfortable. This sense of unease distracts from the effective presentation of interiors. We offer 30% wider angles, straight lines, and a clarity that will make you feel like you are seeing the property in person.

Matterport and Video Walk-Throughs: These types of media are not only distracting, but can easily turn potential buyers off when looking for a potential home. This is not a video game and not about entertainment. Matterport is strictly about getting listings with fancy technology, or 3D mapping. It's cool, but it doesn't sell houses. We are here to sell houses! Our professional photographers know what to show and what not to show in your home. Our photographers are all digital artists that will make each image make your home show in it's best possible light!

Best angles for showing features and space!
Bright images with great views!
High Quality Standards
Virtual Twilight Before
Virtual Twilight After
Virtual Staging Before
Virtual Staging After

Let us show case your home in it's best possible light!

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