Feudal Japan Project what customs keep structure in a society


The custom of geography kept structure in Japan society by providing them with water. Geography helped structure and keep structure because there was miles of water surrounding them helping with trade, travel, and water for crops, drinking, bathing, etcetera.


The second custom is religion. Japan's religion was mostly Buddhism. Japan's religion kept structure by keeping/providing the peace, respect, and love towards one and other. Their religion also helped keep structure by creating peaceful and natural resources that kept them alive.

Appreciation for beauty, nature, and art

Japan's last custom is beauty, nature, and art. Japan's state flower is the chrysanthemum, which is the background of this slide. Appreciation for beauty, nature, and art kept Japan's structure by creating/keeping honesty, generosity, and strength. Beauty, nature, and art brought happiness and joy to the Japanese people, which kept people calm.

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