Dragonfly Safari Experience and photograph Dragonflies In their natural habitat

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the disruption caused by events in 2020 I am extending the postponement of field trips during 2021

It's all very well planning your next adventure via google or OS maps but wouldn't you like to save time searching and get down to experiencing photographing without the time-consuming leg-work?

Since 2014 I've offered guided tours for individuals and groups eager to learn more about these majestic insects, locate a particular species or experience the best locations. Each tour lasts approx 4 hours and includes identification techniques, habitat preferences, behaviour patterns and tips on field craft allowing you to photograph them at their best.

I can offer a choice of suitable locations within the New Forest, East Dorset or North Hampshire from ponds, streams and lowland heath offering a broad spectrum of our native species from Spring to late Summer.

Prices start at £40 per person for weekdays with a £10 supplement for weekends. Additional parties are charged at £15 per person with a maximum of four. There is an additional £10 supplement for North Hampshire to cover fuel expenses.

The tour usually lasts 4 hours and are available between the hours of 10.00am and 4.00pm (11.00am to 3.00pm for North Hampshire)

Ponds, Lakes, Streams and Heaths

Participants should allow a level of flexibility regarding dates to allow for the right weather conditions - dragonflies do not fly on wet or overcast days.

A basic level of fitness is required to cope with the terrain which usually has uneven and\or wet & muddy ground. Wellington Boots are essential as there may be stream crossings and boggy conditions.

Capturing the moment

If you are interested in a personal tour please email with your preferred dates and a list of season-specific species you would like to encounter.


For a first-hand account of what to expect please feel free to read Richard Peglar's excellent review by clicking on the button below and reading the testimonial from Martin Musslewhite.

"I had a great day with Paul at Bramshill Plantation. I believe this is just one of many sites that he knows well and offer guided days at. I’m new to Dragonfly Photography and decided it would be good to invest in a guided day to be shown around this awesome site and being given some sound advice along the way. Paul has clearly spent a lot of time at Bramshill and knows the site well, leading us to hidden pools, ponds & lakes that I would have never of found on my own. That coupled with his awesome knowledge of the many Dragonfly & Damselfly species in the UK, meant that we were able to identify them in realtime, rather than reviewing camera monitors or waiting to get home to refer to a book for I.D confirmations. Paul also introduced me to new photography techniques and advised on optimal settings, which have already helped capture images I wouldn’t have got before the day with him. All-in-all, a thoroughly enjoyable day and something I recommend to any photographer who is keen to explore a new site, pick up some new techniques and gain better understanding of the fascinating Dragonflies of the UK. We saw 18 species during the day and I understand there are more yet to emerge from the waters of Bramshill. I’ll be going back very soon. Martin Musselwhite”

Created By
Paul Ritchie