my Christmas vaction every thing in the CHRISTMAS SEASON

People I got to see over the break

I got to see my grandparents over the break. I really didn't miss any one over the break, my grandparents came to my house, and I went to my moms side of the family's party.

The waking of the break

The earliest I woke during the break was six because I forgot that we didn't have school. On news years because people say to stay up to twelve, but I stayed up to around three in the morning. I got more time to eat more but not relax, or rest. I really didn't get to watch a lot o movies during the break but, I did watch the polar express. I got to go to Arkansas to visit some of my family members.

Presents That I Got

For Christmas I got a tablet, a snake that I named frank, and several other things. The worst thing that I got was probably this little tiny game boy thing. The best thing I got was Frank the snake.

I was really existed to come back to school. the reason I wanted to come back to school is because it really does get boring when you are around the same people. If you are like at school you can meet new people, and make new friends. When I'm at school I can learn new things at my house really nothing goes on. Some people think that learning is boring but, when you are get bored fast you are going to like learn more than usual. At school there is some class that I do like but there are the others that not so much. That is why I was existed to come back to school.


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