Creating Patterns! By Karinna Johnston and Katie Pittman / 7th grade, art

Intro: You moved to New York City because the biggest pajama company in the world, just hired you! They believe that kids have the most creative minds and it is your job to create a fun and unique pattern to show the CEO today!


Task: Using this link: you will create a pattern and then print it out. In the class, using the Elmo projector, the teacher will demonstrate how make the origami pajamas and using the paper with your pattern you will fold and create your own pajama creation along with the teacher. Then students can draw or glue on extra pieces, if they desire, using construction paper, cotton balls, sequins, ribbon, lace, string or any other available materials in the art classroom.

Process: Step one: Create a pattern on website. Step two: Print out pattern on 11 x 17 (Tabloid) paper. Step 3: Create the origami pajamas by folding the paper in the correct way, while the teacher demonstrates. Step 4: Add extra flare by using extra supplies in the classroom. Then turn in to the CEO (teacher)!

Conclusion: Students will be able to use the online pattern generator and extra materials to create a fun and unique clothing design.

Example of finished product

Evaluation: Did students participate and follow directions correctly and finish/turn it in to the teacher in one class period or allotted time frame?: Yes/No = Pass/Fail

Created By
Karinna Johnston


Created with images by Photoshop Roadmap - "Colorful Pattern" • Photoshop Roadmap - "Colorful Pattern" • Photoshop Roadmap - "Colorful Pattern" • anniekate - "Cow pattern" • Photoshop Roadmap - "Colorful Pattern" • thedominoharvey - "pattern wallpaper 8" • Photoshop Roadmap - "Colorful Pattern" • emiliecp - "moon noodles"

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