The Great Depression by Zack Morash

The dust bowl was a plague that brought dust storm to the mid west . the storm were so bad that there was a drought the average rainfall was about 20 inches . The drought caused crops to die and farmers to lose there jobs .

On Oct. 24, 1929, the complete collapse of the stock market began; about 13 million shares of stock were sold. Tuesday, October 29—known ever since as Black Tuesday—extended the damage; more than 16 million shares were sold. The value of most shares fell sharply, leaving financial ruin and panic in its wake.

" In March 1933 Roosevelt outlined a set of measures designed to curb deflation and foreclosures and to put millions of people to work through government programs. Most historians consider the New Deal as having two parts. The first included emergency policies and programs aimed at stabilizing the national economy. The second, begun in the mid-1930´s, was a set of broader social welfare measures designed to combat poverty and provide an economic safety net." this quote is saying that Roosevelt set up policies that would help the country

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