Andrew Jackson By: Trevor Stimmel

Early Life

Andrew Jackson was born March 15, 1767 in Waxhaw, SC . As a 13 year old child, he helped his local militia to fight the British in the American Revolutionary War. He became an orphan at the age of 14.

Some things from South Carolina, his home state.

Andrew Jackson was battle hardened as a result of fighting in the Revolutionary War. He and his brother were captured and were prisoners of war by the British. His brother died while in prison. He developed a hatred of the British.

Jackson's first military action as an adult was the creek war.

The Creek War was between a group of Indians and the Americans. It lasted from 1813 - 1814. It was fought in Southern United States.

He was the GENERAL of the u.S forces and won the war.

The result of the indians losing the war, was the expansion of the U.S. (Georgia, Central Alabama)

Jackson was the commander leading the U.S forces in New Orleans. During the battle, Jackson and his forces were badly outnumbered but managed to win the battle. He became popular with the common man as result of his successes of the War of 1812. He was known for his toughness and determination.

The unexpected winning at the Battle of New Orleans was a big event that contributed to Andrew Jackson becoming an American hero.

Following the War of 1812 Andrew Jackson rode his popularity all the way to the presidency of the United States. Jackson was a democrat and was known as a common man leader.

During his presidency he negotiated with Spain to obtain the lands of Florida and removed many indian tribes of the east coast further expanding the lands of the U.S.

Jackson also paid off all of the government debt that resulted from several wars with the British and the expanding government. He is still known today as the last president to have no debt.

As a president he created the spoils system, which was him giving goverment and political positions to his friends.

Andrew Jackson ran for president three times and won the popular vote each time. Mostly because of his support of the common man. In the end, Jackson became unpopular because he forgot the common man.

After Jackson's presidency, his later life consisted of him living in his home the Hermitage.

He died on June 8, 1845 Nashville TN.

The End


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