WordPress vs. Joomla: What's the Best Website Platform? WOrdpress vs Joomla

The main difference between WordPressand Joomla is how they stared out; WordPress started as a blogging platform; whereas, Joomla was meant to be a CMS platform for portal-like sites. However, today, both WordPress and Joomla are capable of running any type of website.

Technically, both WordPress and Joomla require a web server to be used; they are not stand-alone software. The choice of the best software depends on your requirement and the configurations you prefer.

Joomla is preferred by developers who aren’t afraid of meddling with the codes. On the other hand, WordPress website design was developed to be managed by people with no knowledge of codes. Both the platforms are good for SEO marketing. Let’s look at the major difference between WordPress and Joomla.

Search Engine Optimization

Although both the platforms offer great SEO marketing, Joomla takes an edge as it allows the user to set Meta description and keywords for the new blogs. However, with WordPress website design, you have a wide range of plugins such as the Yoast SEO, which is the best SEO tool in the business. If you are looking for a Joomla equivalent of Yoast SEO, the one that comes closest is Easy Frontend SEO. With WordPress, you have access to a wide range of other plugins. On its own though, WordPress does not offer great features for SEO marketing; however, we cannot separate plugins from WordPress.


The greatest advantage of WordPress becomes its nemesis when we talk of security. As WordPress has thousands of themes and plugins, WordPress cannot guarantee no vulnerabilities in each and every software and what backdoor they may open for hackers. The WordPress platform does not come with SSL, you have to modify the core files to enable SSL. Whereas, Joomla has the option to force connection over SSL. Hence, in terms of security Joomla is better than WordPress.

Scope of Customization

When we consider plugins and extensions, WordPress is the undefeated champion. WordPress has more than 40k plugins in its repository and there is no competition for that. There are thousands of theme for WordPress that allows a wide scope of customization, the same cannot be said for Joomla. For a small amount of money, you can find the best theme for your business that is not possible with Joomla. Hence, this round goes to WordPress.

Content Management

When we thing of content management, there is no arguing that both WordPress and Joomla are great and offer a wide range of options for any type of business to create a website and manage it, whether its an ecommerce business, a news media, a blog, or others. You can create virtually any type of website and manage it effectively with any of the two platforms. WordPress has traditionally been associated with simple blog; however, that was long time back. Today, you can create attractive landing pages with WordPress.

Joomla is a complex platform that is a little more difficult to master than WordPress, but it offers a lot of functionality and you can build anything with Joomla. When we consider the potential of both the platforms in developing website, it’s clear that WordPress is easier to use and provides a simple way to create and manage a website.

These are the four major distinction between WordPress and Joomla. You can choose the best platform that matches your needs. If you consider SEO marketing, the WordPress website design should suit you best.