The School Newsletter Week 4, Term 4 2020

What's coming up

  • Mon 9 Nov: Zoom writing meetings (bookings now open)
  • Tue 3 Nov: K-2 spirituality day.
  • Thu 12 Nov: Book Week parade (to be live streamed on our Facebook page)
  • Fri 13 Nov: Kinder orientation 9.30am - 11.30am
  • Fri 13 Nov: Socktober event (out of uniform)
  • Fri 20 Nov: Year 5 & 6 to Morisset Day Camp - (notes and money due back Mon 9 Nov)

From the PrinciPAL

Most of us will agree that a wedding is a very exciting celebration - but there is a lot of waiting around on the day! We wait for the bride to arrive at the church. We wait for hours and hours as the photographer gets everyone lined up properly. We wait through all the speeches – some longer and more boring than others. Weddings are great occasions, but there is a lot of waiting around.

This weekend’s Gospel reading is the parable of the ten bridesmaids (Matthew 25:1-13). As was the custom in Israel at the time, the bridesmaids were going out to meet the bridegroom and, because it would be dark, they needed to take lamps with them. But, as Jesus says, five were wise and five were foolish. Five of them took enough oil – and a bit more to spare. Five of them took their lamps – but not enough oil. And, for whatever reason, the bridegroom was late and because it was evening – and they were no doubt bored with the waiting - the bridesmaids fell asleep while they were waiting.

In the early church, there was a strong belief that Jesus would return very soon. How much more so is that the case for us? We have been waiting 2000 years for the return of Jesus, and maybe we are like the bridesmaids too: getting sleepy and drowsy in our faith not at all prepared for the Second Coming of Jesus. Perhaps preparing for the return of Jesus is more about sharing Christ with others. Perhaps it is more about modelling a relationship with Jesus to our children, or to those we work with. Perhaps it is more about reaching out to those in need so that they can experience the love of God in their own lives through our compassion and our care.

Food for thought as we begin our countdown to the Season of Advent.

Have a good week.

Peter Green


After three years of applications for a school crossing supervisor outside St Patrick’s, Mark began work yesterday as our new school crossing supervisor. I spoke with Mark yesterday, and he has asked that children and adults follow these protocols:

  1. Mark will walk to the middle of the school crossing, stop and display his stop sign. He will signal pedestrians to cross. Do not leave the kerb until he signals you to do so.
  2. If you are riding a bike, get off the bike and wheel it across the school crossing.

Mark will be on duty from 8.30 to 9.30 each school day, and from 2.30 to 3.30 each afternoon.

Mark has been very impressed so far with the good manners that the children have shown to him. A “Good morning” greeting and a “Thank you” goes a long way, particularly on those days when it is scorching hot, bitterly cold or blowing a gale.

Now that the school crossing is much safer, parents and carers might feel safer to drop your children on the other side of Northcote Avenue in the mornings so that you do not have to cross the double line to turn around.

My thanks to Transport NSW for availing us of Mark’s services.


On Thursday next week (12th November), the students will be invited to dress up as a book character or a “curious creature”. After the parade, the students will listen to one of the shortlisted books, read by their class teachers, and participate in a literacy activity. We will live stream the parade via our Facebook page.

If you need some inspiration, go top https://www.familiesmagazine.com.au/childrens-book-week-costume-ideas/. Your child can become either a favourite book character or, with the theme of "Curious Creatures, Wild Minds", this may be an opportunity to escape into another world where your child can be anything they want to be!

The Scholastic Book Fair will take place in the week of November 30 to December 4. More information will be available closer to the time.

Let's sock it to poverty together

Friday next week (13th November) is Socktober day! The students will be invited to celebrate by coming to school out of uniform, and to either donate online or bring a donation to school. Thank you to the families who have already donated online. If you wish to register your child for this campaign, go to the link below

After lunch we will have a penalty shootout using standard soccer balls as well as soccer balls that we have made from recyclable materials. The event will raise awareness of the struggles experienced by Cambodian children with respect to disabilities and poverty. We will pray for them, support them and advocate for them.

The way in which we look at each aspect of injustice happening locally, nationally and globally is by using the See. Judge. Act. process. This method, known as the Cardijn Method, involves a process of prayer, discernment, observation, research, reflection and action through the lens of the Gospel, tradition and Catholic Social Teaching. It is inherent in the ‘Head, Heart, Hands’ framework through which Socktober is delivered.

Morisset Camp reminder

Parents of Years 5 & 6 are reminded that the Morisset Camp note and payment are due back no later than next Monday 9 November. A copy of the note can be found on Compass if you can’t locate it in your child’s bag.


Monday 9 November 2020

We are inviting all of our parents/carers to attend another three-way meeting between student, parent/carer and teacher to discuss the progress that your child is making as a writer, to reflect upon their previously set writing goals and the new strategies we are implementing to improve their writing. The meetings will be held via Zoom on Monday 9 November 2020.

Parents/Carers are asked to book a time using the COMPASS booking system, as follows:

1. On a PC:

  • Log into the portal at https://swansea-nsw.compass.education/.
  • Click the ‘Book Parent/Teacher interviews’ link from the home page.
  • Follow the steps to select a teacher and a time.
  • Alternatively, click on ‘Community’ > then ‘Conferences’, and select the meeting that reflects your child’s year.

2. On a mobile app version of COMPASS:

  • Choose the three lines in the top left corner, and select ‘Conferences’.
  • You will then be able to book a teacher and a time.

On Friday 6 November 2020, you will receive an invitation to a Zoom meeting with your child’s teacher. You will be asked to log into the Zoom meeting at your allotted booking time on 9 November.


Maths is used every day in almost everything we do. Parents and carers can support their child's mathematical skills and understanding with some fun, practical and creative activities. Find out more here: https://education.nsw.gov.au/campaigns/mathematics.


It’s time to give Lake Macquarie’s sporting greats, young citizen stars, accomplished artists, environmental warriors and volunteers recognition for their achievements and for making a positive difference to our community by nominating them for a 2021 Lake Mac Award. Nominate a person or group that has demonstrated excellence in their endeavours by Friday 11 December 2020 - lakemac.com.au/lakemacawards


A reminder that the entries for the Christmas card competition that is being run by the Federal Member for Shortland, Pat Conroy, are due this Friday (6th November). The competition is open to students in Years 3 and 4. The details of the competition appeared in last week’s newsletter.

Focus on Positive Behaviour for Learning


As a caring community we would like to continue to offer our support to the Santamaria family after the loss of their dearly loved father and husband. If you can help to maintain their lawns for the rest of the year, it would be greatly appreciated. Please click on the link below where you will be taken to a lawn mowing roster, where you can volunteer to help on a particular Saturday.



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