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In Where Men Win Glory, readers are exposed to the values in which Pat Tillman believes. Pat lived his life by clearly defined core values. He may not have always been successful, but he aimed to reach those values each and every day.

A value is an idea you esteem to be of great worth and which gives structure to your life. Your task today is to define and record Pat's core values as well as your core values.

First, pick three of Pat's core values and find a quote from the text that exemplifies this value.

Ask yourself this question: “What’s truly important to me as human?” Once you’re nice and relaxed, simply ask yourself what’s truly important to you. Think about those moments in your life when you felt completely whole and fulfilled as a human. Think about the times when you’ve been the happiest. If nothing comes to you at first, don’t worry. Just keep thinking.

Write down whatever comes to you. When you have a moment of insight about what’s important to you, write it down. Don’t self-censor yourself. Be completely honest during this process. No one else is going to see this, so don’t list the values that you think “should” be on your list. If it comes to you, write it. You’ll be able to go back and edit the list in the next step. For now, just do a total brain dump. Also, don’t worry about prioritizing them yet. We’ll do that later. Our goal right now is to just get down whatever comes to you.

If you have more than five values, eliminate some. Think hard about what you truly value in life. Put a star by the values you’re sure about. Then take the ones that you feel are important, but aren’t sure if they’re top 5 material, and put them in pairs. Think about two of those values side by side, and ask yourself which of the two is more important. Then eliminate the other. Keep pitting the survivors against each other until you’re down to 5. If some of the values you listed are just two words describing the same idea. Combine them.

From there, you are going to create your own Adobe Page that combines images, video, text, and anything else you think helps demonstrate both Pat's values and your values.

What follows is a sample of what one might look like.


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