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My name is Dwight Redman Sr. and I am a close up magician. My specialty is cards but I also use rings, strings, coins and other small objects to entertain.

Dwight Redman Sr.

Why should you consider hiring a magician for your restaurant?

Table hopping or strolling is the art of performing magic in a restaurant by going from table to table to entertain your guests. This is typically done before the food is served or between courses.

Table hopping

Magic is very popular right now. Magic is making a big comeback in the movies and on TV. There are a lot of touring magic acts and they add to the excitement. Close up magic is more popular than ever thanks to shows like America's Got Talent. Most people never get to see good magic performed just a few feet from them.

Strolling at a formal cocktail party

Customers have lots of choices when it comes to where to eat. How do you differentiate your restaurant from the others? You offer something they don't have. Not many restaurants offer a strolling magician. The best way to use the magician is on a regular basis ( weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) to build a following. There aren't many places to see good close up magic and when people enjoy it, they want to see more. This encourages repeat business and they bring their friends to see the magic.

Strolling at a birthday party

The magician can help prevent walk outs. When you are busy and there is a wait for a table, some choose not to wait and there goes a sale. A magician in the waiting area entices the guests to stay and watch the magic. This kills the time and you still have the customer. If there is a delay on a meal, the magician can be sent to that table, explain the delay and ask if they would like to be entertained, this helps distract them from the delay in food service.

An entertaining magician gives your customers a sense of good will towards your establishment and they will appreciate the enjoyment you provided for them.


Of course, the magician you choose has to have the ability to entertain your guests in a manner that will make them think of your restaurant when they want to spend their money. I have the experience and professionalism to present entertaining magic to your guests in a manner that will always represent your business in the best way.

Performing at Obie O'Brien's FFFF Magic Convention

I am currently the Territorial Vice President for the International Brotherhood of Magicians DC Ring 50 and the Treasurer for Assembly 23 of the Society of American Magicians.

Performing close up at Christmas Party

I am a two time winner of the Dan Lacey Award, presented by IBM Ring 50 to the DC Magician of the Year.

Performing stand up at the National Press Club

I have been performing close up magic for 20 years in a variety of settings with most of my work being private parties.

Strolling at the Magi Whirl Convention

I perform close up and stand up magic. Stand up is performing at a stationary place with an audience up to 40 - 50 people.

Stand Up At the Magi Whirl Convenion

Please contact me if my services interest you. My email is dwightredmansr@gmail and my telephone number is 301-613-2872

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