Shakespeare project Logan York

Thesis: Shakespeare influenced the world throughout his business sense, personal life, and artistry.

Business sense:

Quote #1: “Throughout the 1590’s, Shakespeare’s reputation continued to grow. From 1594 to 1608, he was fully involved in the London theater world. In addition to his duties as a sharer and actor in the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, he wrote an average of almost two plays a year for his company” (Lander).

Commentary: This shows that shakespeare was a smart person and a forward thinker. This important because he influenced the way plays and poetry are.

Quote #2: “The company performed regularly in unroofed but elaborate theaters. Required by law to be set outside the city limits, these theaters were the pride of London, among the first places shown to visiting foreigners, and seated up to 3,000 people” (Columbia).

Commentary: “This is important because it explains how the theater than shakespeare performed in was run. This also shows the how popular the theater was.

Personal life:

Quote #3 "In 1582 Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, eight years his senior and pregnant at the time of the marriage" ("William").

Commentary: This shows that shakespeare was an important family man. This is important because this explains what he did outside of plays and poetry.

Quote #4: “Shakespeare was one of six shareholders who signed the lease for the new site in 1599” (Lander).

Commentary: This shows how good and smart of a businessman he was. This also shows how good he was at making decisions.


Quote #5: “From mid-1592 to 1594, London authorities frequently closed the theaters because of repeated outbreaks of plague. Without the income provided by acting and playwriting, Shakespeare turned to poetry. In 1593, Venus and Adonis became the first of Shakespeare’s works to be published” (Anderson).

Commentary: This is important because it shows that shakespeare was both an inspiration for plays and poetry. This shows that on top of being artistry in plays he was also artistry in poems.

Quote #6: "Small Latine, and less Greeke" (Anderson).

Commentary: This shows the artistry that Shakespeare had when talking about his plays. This is important because he was inspirational.

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