Negative Effects of Social Media Johanna Thuringer Sara Broethlin Ramona Rugman

Productivity and Cognitive Skills:

  • 2011 study by Stanford University
  • Looked at how heavy social media usage is affecting our cognitive skills and behavior
  • Social media “multitaskers” were slower to respond in testing their response to changes and remembering things

Social Media Obsession:

  • 2016 study by California State University
  • Built on older studies about how Internet and social media is triggering the same reward center in the brain as drugs and gambling
  • Study found that obsession over social media might lead to something similar to a classic addiction
  • Many companies have blocked social networks on their office

Sleeping Problems:

  • Study by University of Pittsburgh
  • Looked at the sleeping routines and social media habits of
  • 1,788 people between 19-32 years old
  • The people experiencing sleeping disturbances were the ones who were using social media the most


  • Worldwide study by YouGov
  • Interviewed 4,700 teenagers
  • A fifth said that they had been victims of cyberbullying
  • Social media provides an unregulated environment for bullies

It's a crime:

  • Identity theft
  • Revealing personal info has also made stalking and crimes easier to commit
  • Fooling someone on the web is a lot easier than face-to-face.

Dangerous messages:

  • Unrealistic body expectations resulting in eating disorders
  • Idealized images from celebrities invade the web
  • Pro-Ana platforms
  • "Thinspiration"

So, what should parents do?

  • Step one is communication
  • Ask the kids what they’re posting
  • Be aware of the positive and negative triggers in their kid's social lives


  • Social media affects self-esteem, productivity, and puts all of us at risk
  • Face-to-face interaction that counts in the end

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