Osaka's Campaign

Osaka Japanese Express

Location: Lynchburg, VA / Fort Ave.

Target: Because of where Osaka’s is located the main target would be Liberty University college students. Osaka’s is close to Liberty and is relatively cheap which makes it a perfect food option for Liberty students.

Competitors: Panda Express and Wasabi

Differentiation: Osakas is cheap but delicious and gives students free fountain drinks if they show their student ID. Their service is relatively fast and there is plenty of seating.

Campaign Goals: Osakas does not have a logo or a website and they look pretty dumpy visually. So with my campaign I hope to give them a fresh, visually appealing logo with a theme that can be used for menus, ads, etc. By doing this, hopefully Osakas will get more business.

Campaign Deliverables: logo, billboard, print ad


Print Ad


Reflection & Takeaway

  • Brand awareness starts with a well designed logo
  • I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed this project
  • Business makeovers are FUN!


Created with images by angela n. - "Sushi Taro"

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