Larry Bird- Will your dominant side of the body always win the game? Larry bird once played a whole game left handed and ended scoring 47 points.

On Valentine's Day, 1986, Larry bird scored 47 points with just his left hand. This was entertaining to watch, and was enjoyable to see other players not using their right hand. This statement leads to asking, will using your recessive part of the body make you a better player? Does using your dominant part of the body all the time make you a better player. Will your dominant side of the body always win the game?

No, your dominant side of the body will not always win the game. In order to have more skill and talent, you have to try getting used to both sides. Always try the recessive side of the body. The recessive side of the body can lead to more points and more power.
An example can be basketball. You can't always do a right/ left layup. This can show people that they know you're going to use your dominant side. Another example could be soccer. In soccer you need to use your right/ left leg to score. Always try the recessive side of the body.
On this day, Larry Bird told the media and his team that he would play left-handed the whole game, and so he did. Larry bird ended up scoring 47 points. Bird obviously used his right hand a couple times, but tried his best to use his left hand.
Larry Bird was shooting three pointers as well. Everyone was entertained by Birds talent, including the left handed situation. The Celtics ended up defeating the Trail Blazers 120-119. The crowd was very surprised by bird in this one special game on Valentine's Day,
Fun Fact: Bird also scored a basket to lead the game to go into OT (overtime) and eventually hit the game winning shot with 3 seconds left to have the Celtics lead to a 120-119 victory over the Trail Blazers.
Larry Bird ended up showing people amazing entertainment with his recessive hand. Once again asking, will your dominant side of the body always win the game?

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