Tour of the Harn Tyler JERD

Medium of Art and Technique of the Artist

Leon Kroll's work on St. Johns Bay caught my attention immediately because it depicted people hanging out by the water, something that I value and miss from my hometown of Jupiter, Florida. The scene with statuesque figures is a great example of this artists ability to merge figurative and landscape subjects. This painting is supposed to be a view of the Saint-Jean-de-Luz which is a coastal village on the French-Spanish border. What I found interesting from the description next to the painting was that it is not a depiction of an actual spot in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, but a blend of multiple sites. This work reminds me of more peaceful times and makes me look forward to Spring break.

Design of the Museum

One thing I noticed about the museum immediately after walking through the front door was its cleanliness. Each wing and the exhibits inside it were very spacious, and the walls very bare less the artwork. The bareness of the walls drew your eyes to the artwork and played very well with the lighting. Most of the exhibits were very lit up, but specific spot lights in combination with the spaciousness of the rooms had a pretty cool effect that I cant quite put into words. Although this has little to do with any specific exhibit or artwork, one part of the museum architecture that I thought was exceptionally interesting was the staircase large staircase in the middle of the floor. The large room with hardwood floors just opened up in the middle for a staircase that takes you down to a diner. These little (or not so little) things about the museums architecture are what I like so much about it.

Art and Core Values


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