Why Do Parents Deserve More Respect? By: Moira Kendrick 4/18/17 communication skills 6th hr

This is the graph that shows how mant people think that our parents eaither deserve or dont deserve more respest. This pole was taken in Communication Skills sixth hour with 18 people in that class. They wewe in the ages of 12-13.

Why do parents desurve more respect? Well in my opionion they do. one reason that I believe that they do is becsue they do alot more than we think that they do. The care and love us, and no matter what they always will love us. Your mom when you were born staed home with you and took care of you when she could have just taken you to a babysitter but she didnt. seventeen out of eaighteen people think that our parents deserve more respect.

One reason that I think that parents deserve more respect is because as one person has said "I choose to have kids, that was all me, not them. so i feel like i owe them more than they owe me." I belive that this statement is vary true but we need to give them respect becasue yes they choose to have kids but they also have choosen to love us, so i feel like we need to love them just a little bit more. You need to help me give all of the parents in the world more respect! please help my dream come true!

This is a vary true statement that I believe

Reasons parents deserve more respect:

1. They love us no matter what.

2. They care about us.

3. They uderstand us when we don't think anyone can.

4. They belive in us when we dont belive in ourselfs.

5. They show intrest in thing we like.

6. They support us.

7. They help us through the rough times.


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