To Kill a Mockingbird Point of view assignment; Hannah cressman

Boo Radley and Miss Maudie's House Fire

I saw the house go up in flames. I saw the neighbors come running outside, even Arthur ran to see what it was all about. I had never seen Maycomb in such a rush. The night was unusually still prior to the fire with a bitter cold breeze passing through the old town. The cold air contradicted the hot fire inside Miss Maudie's home. That same night when the town went to aid Miss Maudie I found myself aiding who I would sure hope to befriend. I have seen these children pass the tree knot several times and for some reason I became very intrigued by them. I only wish they could see what I see in them and have them not believe I am a monster. I hope that my action of placing the blanket on the girl's back will extend my friendship to her. If they only knew who I really am.

Atticus During the Trial

This trial has come as a test to me. A test of my patience, morality, and trust. I want to do what is right, I really do. The ways of Maycomb are unfair, everyone should have equal rights no matter the color of their skin. My morality is being tested as well. Tom Robinson is a good man and Bob Ewell is not at all and I want Tom to win but I do not have the support of my nearest neighbors for this trial. I have been left alone by these people who disagree with what I am doing. Now during the trial lies are being thrown and I want to not cave into them. I try to remain calm and collected, I do not want everyone to know my fears. I am full of anger when I see the Ewells but I don't want that to change my views. I will continue to fight for Tom no matter who tries to stop me.

Jem and Bob Ewell's Attack

I knew something wasn't right when we started to walk home. I don't want Scout to worry. I am breathing heavy. I feel the presence of someone else. I know it's not our friend anymore. I want to move faster then we have been walking. Scout keeps stumbling on her ham costume and if we move any faster she will fall. We pause to listen to what is around us and all Scout can worry about is someone else scaring us. My breathing changes from heavy to a calm nothing, hands are wrapped around my neck. I hear Scout yell. I see black. Now I am back in my bed and I am filled in on what happened. It's hard to grasp everything since I was left unconscious for quite some time. Who would have thought that everything I have ever known about him is wrong. Arthur Radley isn't a monster he is the man that saved my life.

Mayella Takes the Stand

Mr. Finch is unbelievable. I do not understand how a man could stand against me in favor of a black man. Here's the truth, I never touched that man. Tom came after me. I was held helplessly against my will. My father never touched me either. I am standing true to this in order to get the justice I deserve from these horrible events. I want everyone to know that Mr. Finch is horrible man for believing anyone but me in this trial. On top of that he has asked me questions that are unfair in their manner. "Do you have friends Miss Mayella?". What kind of question is that! Why does he feel he must call me "Miss" as well. I find all the questions he has asked to be insulting and upright wrong. Tom Robinson deserves to die. He isn't the gentle loving man he has been made out to be by Mr. Finch, I deserve justice!


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