ARCS By morgan smith

What they do: the ARCS protects rainforests and national parks around the world. Though they mainly focus on Gondwana Rianforest, Australia

Why the do it: they do it because rainforests and national parks are crucial in evaluation and the environment.

The products that they provide are in the form of stays in the Springbook Lyrebird retreat and the Koonjewarre activity centre.

These are some of the endangered animals that live in the rainforests of America

Northern Spotted Owl
Red-Cockaded Woodpecker
Golden-Cheeked Warbler
This graph represents what land is used for in America

Back before industrialisation 14% of Earth's surphase area was covered in rainforests. Now only 6% is covered in rainforests. That a 2/3 deduction. Imagine if 2/3 of your house was taken ofer by this greedy, annoying, loud guy. How would you like it?

If they succeed
If they fail

You can find the Lyrebird Retreat hear.

You can find the Koonjewarre after a 40 minute drive from the Gold Coast.

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