Romeo & Juliet Then And Now connections

Romeo and Juliet, star crossed lovers begin their journey at a masked ball


Passion and haste decisions is a major theme in the play with Romeo and Juliet's love story

Passion/Haste Then

The word passion is defined as the strong and barely controllable emotion. Which is what we believe Romeo has for Juliet and Juliet for Romeo. Although there is haste involved, the excessive speed or urgency of movement or action. They definitely 100% are in a hurry to get married after only knowing each other for 3 days.

"People with great passion can make the impossible happen"

Passion/Haste Now

There is still haste today, but not as much in the sense of love. In today's society we don't marry whom ever we just met, or kill our self intentionally when the person we love is supposedly found dead.

"Don't make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion"

Making Connections

Juliet drank the poison the night it was given to her without taking a day to think about the reality of what she was doing.

Romeo's decision to kill himself after finding out that Juliet was "dead" because he didn't get the letter in time explaining what actually happened. If he would have waited and thought about what he was going to do, maybe they could have still been together well and alive.

"Don't let your emotions make your decisions"

The one decision you made in the moment to turn left on the road instead of right. That could be your final decision you ever have to make. When you turn left you get hit by a taxi and never have to make another decision of stopping to smell the flowers or to see another babies precious little hands. You will not have that luxury you now regretted taking advantage of. Maybe you did go right instead of left, now you are sitting on the couch with your friends laughing.

The end of the beginning

Now that the two star crossed lovers are dead, they are finally together in peace. The romance will hopefully still live on even though they are both gone.


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