"You don't know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory." - Dr. Seuss

I have been so lucky over the past few years to be able to capture true moments for so many families! I've recently taken a course that emphasized CONNECTION over PERFECTION and this has truly become my motto for my business. I do like when everyone is coordinated and looking "perfect", but I LOVE when these same families laugh and interact with each other and I can capture their true spirit. In the Guide, I'll outline all of my sessions, show you pricing, and help you gain a better understanding of the Emerald Eye Photography session experience!

You may know already, but I'm Cathie and I own Emerald Eye Photography, which is located in Mashpee, MA, on Cape Cod. Because I've lived here most of my life, I have favorite locations in just about every town, but I also love learning about new spots if you have somewhere in mind - The Cape is a beautiful place for photos! I also travel throughout MA and RI for Newborn and Family sessions.

The beaches of Cape Cod offer amazing backdrops for family sessions, but the comfort and coziness of your home is perfect for Newborn photos! I love to travel and am willing to photograph you at any of your favorite locations.

I love photographing every milestone of your life and I currently offer:

  • Maternity sessions
  • Newborn photos: Fresh 48 (in-hospital) and Lifestyle (in-home)
  • Family photos at any age

Keep reading below for details about session fees!

One of the most frequent questions I receive is "What does my session fee include?" I'm excited to let you know that all of my session fees include an online digital gallery where you can view all of your edited photos. All sessions include at least 20 digital files that you choose from all of the edited photos in your online gallery. I'm also offering the ability to upgrade to include all of your digital files as well as a 10x10 custom Album. You're also able to purchase additional files individually, or other prints and products, if you'd like.

Do you want all of your digital files? Keep reading! New this year, I'm offering an "all-inclusive" package. This would allow you to include all of your digital files in your session fee. If you know you'd also like a custom Album, upgrade your session again and receive all of the above! You'll go into your session knowing that you won't have to worry about choosing your files - anything that is edited would be yours to download and print as you'd like.

Continue reading below for session pricing info.

Maternity Photo Session

45 minutes, 20 digital files, $499

Congratulations on your soon-to-arrive bundle of joy! This is an exciting time in your life and what better way to capture these moments than with memorable photos. Documenting your pregnancy will be a great way to share these memories with your son or daughter in the future!

Upgrade your session!

All-inclusive Maternity Session: $699 Includes all of your edited files

All-inclusive Maternity Session & 10x10 Album: $899 Includes all of your edited files and a memorable 10x10 album

Newborn Photo Sessions, $499/$599 New little ones are my absolute favorite! It's amazing to see your family connections and the awe that a new baby brings - I offer two types of Newborn sessions: Fresh 48 and In-home Lifestyle sessions. Keep scrolling to learn more info about each type of session.

Fresh 48 Session

45-60 minutes, 20 digital files, $499

These sessions take place in the hospital within the first 48 hours of life. Minimal posing allows for a relaxed session - You've already had a few busy days, so plan to sit back and take it all in while I capture your little baby's details. Family and siblings are encouraged to get into the photos but the emphasis is on your brand new baby and just how little they are!

Upgrade your session!

All-inclusive Fresh 48: $699 Includes all of your edited files

All-inclusive Fresh 48 & 10x10 Album: $899 Includes all of your edited files and a memorable 10x10 album

Newborn Lifestyle Session

75-90 minutes, 30 digital files, $599

Relax at home and capture your baby in your home environment. We'll get lots of photos of your family together as well as baby details and your new little one's nursery. These can be scheduled at any age, but most clients like to plan a date within the first month - before they change too much!

Upgrade your session!

All-inclusive Newborn Lifestyle: $799 Includes all of your edited files

All-inclusive Newborn Lifestyle & 10x10 Album: $999 Includes all of your edited files

Family Session

45 minutes, 20 digitals, $499 (up to 5 people, $25/additional person)

As your family story unfolds through the years, I'm here every step of the way to capture your unforgettable moments - the big, amazing milestones, the small things that make your child unique, and everything in between. I love seeing how families interact and enjoy capturing everyone's true personalities. Clients often say that they enjoyed their session because it wasn't "too posey." I'll encourage you to laugh with your children, joke with each other, and I'll make sure we get at least one "Holiday card" posed photo for you too!

Upgrade your session!

All-inclusive Family Session: $699 Includes all of your digital files

All-inclusive Family Session & 10x10 Album: $899 Includes all of your files and a memorable 10x10 album

Now that you know all about the sessions I offer, it's time to think about what you'll do with your digitals after your session!

Although many people are content just having their files, I would also encourage you to consider purchasing prints. Just ten years ago, photographers were giving out files on CDs - today, some computers don't even have a slot to insert them! Imagine what will happen in twenty years, when your newborn grows up and tries to open a JPEG file and all of the formats have changed. Prints and products are the only way to be sure your children have something to look back on when they're older. Plus, it's fun to sit around a table when you're older and sift through all of the photos - Even if you don't order through me, I highly recommend you print your photos!

There isn't any obligation for additional purchases, but if you're interested, my pricing is outlined below.

Print/Product Pricing

Mounted Prints:

5x7 - $32

8x10 - $40

11x14 - $50

16x20 - $75

20x30 - $150

Acrylic Block:

5x7 - $150


11x14 - $135

16x20 - $155

20x30 - $205

Metal Prints:

11x14 - $75

16x20 - $150

20x30 - $200


8x8 with thick pages - $300

10x10 with thick pages - $400

Personal App:

includes web-sized images, viewable in a smartphone app - $200

Individual Digital File:

single digital file - $50

If you're interested in another item that isn't listed, please let me know - I'd be happy to price it out for you!

I'm so excited you're considering photos - if there is anything left unanswered, feel free to get in touch!

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