The tell tale heart Wyatt baker

The reason I chose a heart for this is because whenever he killed the poor old man with the blind eye he started to feel guilty and heard his heart beating through the floor boards. So he confessed to the police that he killed the man. Which is why he shouldn't have done it in the first place.

The author in this story is teaching you about many things about judgement and how guilt can get the best of you. This story is meant to inform you about stuff like why you shouldn't judge and how bad it is to judge. Which is very wise which is why I chose to use an owl as my picture

The story is about a blind old man who had 1 weird eye that someone hated so the person walked into his house at night and killed him. Then he tried to cover it up but felt bad. So he started to hear his heart beat and freaked out and confessed. This is why I chose an eye patch because he was blind in 1 eye.


So the reason I chose the photos that I did was to show parts of the story from the tale tell heart including 3 very important things from the story. The owl for wisdom of the story, The heart because he heard the mans heart beating, And an eyepatch because he was blind in his 1 ugly eye.


Created with images by oo11o - "heart sky dahl" • DerekVelasquez - "Heart" • BenedictFrancis - "Scary Owl"

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