Snakes Snakes are complex creatures

Meet The Snake

Don't want to be bit by this rattlesnake.

Snakes are scaly creatures that are worm like things. They slither on the ground some are pit vipers, vipers, non venom, poisonous, and constrictors.


Snakes have complex bodies, here have parts like humans but the bones are mostly ribs. If you were to break a snake in half you can see what is in side. Some of the parts are venom duck, fangs, liver, skull and other parts.

Snakes can be mean and dangerous do not try to grab, disturb or even touch a snake he or she can easily kill you.


Created with images by Rob Swystun - "snake" • Hans - "spotted rattlesnake snake crotalus mitchellii" • 50 Watts - "snake skeleton" • makamuki0 - "snake threat brown"

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