Early american art

Early American art was a new way of art. Instead of painting only people or buildings, people began to paint beautiful scenic pastures and valleys. People also began painting important events in U.S. history, an example would be important battles and high tension events of redcoats and patriot, as well as important political events and documents. Americans had brought art methods from England over to the colonies. Later on during the revolution Americans began to develop there own methods and there own styles. A new style of painting created by the Hudson River Art School, was just simply painting beautiful scenic pictures of the sky or a mountain range or anything involving nature. Portrait art was very popular in the 1800's. Most popular artists made a living off of portraits. Art in the U.S. was very different, for example, nowadays anything is considered art, a toilet can be art, back then, art was much more demanding (you couldn't just glue a toilet on a stand and call it art). To finish, early american art was a new way of art that involved painting different things, these method's, were what defined the U.S. and its culture.

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