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Video is everywhere. Try looking at your device for even one minute without being served something that speaks and moves. (pause) Okay, so did we prove our point? If you are not in the game, you need to be. We've helped achieve stunning results for our clients regardless of budget.


To coincide with the opening of Discovery Children's Museum's new state-of-the-art facility on the The Smith Center campus in downtown Las Vegas, we set out to create a Disney-esque television spot to tug at the hearts of parents and capture the attention of children. The museum had gone largely unnoticed at its previous location and needed to make its new digs known to all. The stakes were high, so we went Hollywood, enlisting a veteran Los Angeles based director and production company to bring our script to life.


With the tightest budget we ever had to work with we had to resort to guerilla production tactics, meaning we handled everything from the script, camera work and editing in-house.


A local movie theater ad doesn't have to be a mere slide. And a little personality is a good thing, right?


Yes, we are proud members of a select group who can say they've been awarded a coveted Telly Award. The trophy sits proudly on our bookshelf.