Labyrinth costume design

This is the costume of Jareth the Goblin King (David Bowie). The costume took a few months to design and create for the movie. The masks on the left and right have nothing to do with the costume, but the costume was perfect.
This is the outfit that Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) wears for most of the movie. She didn't need anything fancy. She is a 16 year old girl and that is her style. The vest was an add on to the outfit. Ellis Flyte (costume designer) wanted her to fit with the restĀ of the movie, so she gave it a little glittery touch. Although the fashion was brought into the movie from what was being worn in 1986, her outfit fit her character perfectly.
This is the ball gown she is seen in during her dream. It was a difficult dress to work with and took a while to make. it sparkles with gold and silver and glows all over. She stood out the most during the dream because everyone else was in a mask because it was a masquerade.
This is the outfit Jareth wore during the masquerade. He blended in with everyone else and vanished every time sarah saw him.
This is the mask Jareth used to hide himself from Sarah. He was the only one with a mask this color, style and hand held.
Jareth (right) is wearing light colors while he starts begging for Sarah to leave her brother behind.

Although the fashion could've been different than what was already being worn, it fit the movie well. They could've, at least, tried to go for a new look to inspire the fashion industry.

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