Venus has clouds of sulphuric acid.

Venus is a hot planet. It is the second planet from the sun. It is one of the rocky planets.

A diagram of venus

Venus has a crust of craters,mountains, and volcanoes. Its mantle protects its core which is the hottest part on Venus.

Venus has a red spot but it is not that clear.

Venus is always very bright. This bright planet is 3,959 miles long.

We are right behind Venus. Venus is 67.24 million miles away from the sun.

Venus takes 615 earth days to do a revolution.

Some people say that Venus and earth is alike but [but that's not true]
Venus has lots of volcanoes.

Venus has lots and lots of volcanoes. They shoot out sulphuric acid from the volcanoes.

Venus takes 23.94 hours to complete one day.

Venus has no rings and no moons, but it's still an amazing planet.

Sometimes, on earth, we can see venus.

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It is one of the hottest planets.


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