Rudi's adventure in the forest By elliott

Ch 23 Josef's return

Rudi saw a stranger walking down the road and Sasha growled. The stranger looked up and rudi recognized that it was Josef. His presence made the farm unpleasant and he threatened to tell the Germans that rudi was a Jew in hiding. Josef kept arguing with rudi until he reached to rudi and then Sasha jumped on him and almost killed him but rudi only scared him not killing Josef.

Ch 24 a hard decision

Rudi awakens Anna late at night and makes her tea. He tells her that he is going back into the forest to protect Anna. Before he leaves he tells Josef to never come back again. Josef throws a pitchfork at Rudi but misses. Rudi grabs him by the neck and tells him to never come back again or he will kill him to protect Anna and Ingrid.

Ch 25 the passing of night

Rudi awoke to hearing a man yelling "the red army advances into Poland." Rudi comes out and askes the man what he means. He says the Germans are running away and Warsaw is free. Rudi then hears men coming and he sees oscar leading prisoners. He tells Oscar about his life and tells him that he is going to Warsaw.

The end

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