Good Gone Bad, Love and Loss by: Sydney soloway

Blue and red lights are flashing every which ways. Jackson Longburry is in a car chase. He can't even see the road, it's like he has been stoned for three weeks straight. The light is red! Go! Wait there is someone in the road, blonde hair, tall, and it's Kendall!

Jackson Longburry, is a seventeen year old boy from Virginia. Jackson's parents had divorced about 6 months ago, Jack's mom had decided to move to Miami to be closer to his uncle. Jackson was everything in Virginia, football captain, student body president, and the school hottie, he had it all. When his mom decided to move he was crushed, all his hard work went down the drain. Miami is going to be a horrible place for a guy like Jackson.

The first day of school should be a fun, exciting day for most high school students, but for Jack it was a hell hole.

On the first day of school, as Jack walks to his locker, "2,4,1,9. 2419....." Jack runs in to a beautiful blonde girl. "Oh my, sorry there, I didn’t see yo-" Jack says and takes a step back.

"Hi and it's okay, I take it your new around here?" The beautiful girl says as she picks up his books for him.

"Yea, I just moved here from Virginia" Jack says with blushy cheeks.

She notices his blushy cheeks and tries not to point it out, "That’s awesome! I’ve never been there, I would love to go sometime, any suggestions on what I should go see?"

He sees that he is blushing by the way she is looking at him, "Yea, maybe we could hangout sometime and talk about it."

"That would be amazing! Well I got to get to class, I'll see you around. If u need anything just give me a call" she says as she walks away and turns the corner.

Jack has never seen a girl like her before she is a tall blonde beautiful girl. Jack looks down at the paper, and reads her number outloud."1-306-579-8417, xoxo Kendall" Maybe, just maybe Jack thinks to himself as he walks down the hallway to go to class.

About 2 weeks are gone and Kendall and Jack are at the Miami beach. Jack doesn't know what to say. Jack is so nervous words come out of his mouth. "So you like beach?"

"Yea, I like beach." Kendall says with a chuckle. "Tell me a little bit about Virginia"

Jack seems pretty happy that she is actually interested in his past life, "There is so many beautiful beaches, and quite a bit of amusement parks but they are all really fun"

"Ah, I can't wait to go visit, maybe you can come with me and be my tour guide." She laughs.

Jack actually thinks he could actually make it work, "Yea, maybe" he says with a smile on his face. Jack wonders, "So, how long have you lived in Miami?"

"My whole life, and it is a pretty nice city. I mean besides the violence"

"Do you live with both your parents?" Jack says with a curious face

“No, just my mom.”

“Are your parents divorced like mine?” He just assumes.

“My... he... um... my dad died of cancer when I was 7…” she starts to cry.

“Oh my I’m so sorry, that’s awful” as he takes her into his arms.

They talk about how Jack’s parents separated and how he moved to Miami to be closer to his uncle, uncle Jeromino. Kendall goes on and tells Jack that her mom is an alcoholic and how she is doing it all on her own. Jack thought his life was rough, he has never had to think about of others before, he knows now that Kendall needs him.

A week later Jack goes to stop in at Kendall’s house to bring her flowers for her eighteenth birthday. When Jack turns the corner he sees there is already another boy there, Jack throws the flowers in a trash bin and hits the bin till his fist starts to bleed.

He was is in love with Kendal, and believes he won't love like that ever again. Little did he know the boy at the door was Kendall’s God father bringing her, her birthday gift. He will never know what really happened. Him and Kendall haven't talked for weeks. He ignores her at school, declines her calls, and never even thinks of her at all anymore.

On the way home from school one day Jack runs in to Rony. Rony is the leader of the biggest gang in the city, Outlaws, he has been a part of this gang since he was sixteen. No one wants to run into him, you mess with him is basically a death sentence.

"Hey kid" Rony says and starts to walk beside Jack.

"Sorry, but I'm kind of in a hurry. So if you don’t mind I will be leaving now." Jack tries to scurry away. Jack knows to many things about Rony, he killed Jack's best friend with he was on his family vacation last summer.

"Come on kid. I look out for kids like you, your new around here. Give me a chance and I can make your life so much better. Just try this" with a smirk on his face he hands Jack a tiny black pill. "You will feel better in no time, it's like all your problems are gone, the world will be yours.”

When Jack gets home he puts the pill in his mouth and picks up the phone, only he doesn’t dial Kendall's number it's Rony's. When the deep voice answers, "Got anymore pills?"

It's been two weeks of pill popping and talking to Rony. Kendall is really concerned that Jack is doing wrong things, he hasn’t been at their plans, he is skipping class and hasn’t even asked if she was okay.

Jack is over at Rony's house smoking weed. When he gets a call from Kendall, "Hey, I just want to call and make sure you're okay. You have been really distance lately-" as she get interrupted.

"You know what Kendall, little miss know it all, I don’t need you. You’re an awful person and no one likes you. You're a waste of my time. We all know you have slept with more guys than the number of states. You weren't loyal, you are a selfish bitch! Go get checked for an STD and leave me the hell alone!" as he hangs up and phone in anger.

Rony look at Jack with a smirk on his face, "Good job kid, now I need you to do me a favor."

"Anything for you bro!" he falls to the ground stoned.

"I need you to steal me a car, I'll give you pills for a month" Rony says with his fingers crossed.

The next morning, Jack wakes up with no memory of last night, he also wakes up with a text from Rony that says "You make the choice tonight if you don't take the car I kill the girl. It's your choice. Just remember you don’t need her."

Jack knows it's wrong to steal but he can't have his best friend die. He loves Kendall and would risk his life for hers. She has always been there and she is very loyal. When he tries to call Kendall she sends him to voice mail, he can't text her, he can't call her. The next stage is to go to her house and talk face to face with her and finally confess his love to her.

Her house is a block away, it's Jacks second home and he knows they always except him into their home. When he walks up to the door and knocked three times as always. Kendall's mom opens the door, "Hey, is Kendall home?"

"She is but it's in our families not to invest in a boy's life since we are an unloyal family" Kendall's mom says as she closes the door with a glare on her face. Jack is very confused their family is very loyal and he loves them like his own. Where could they get that idea from Jack thinks to himself.

He is about to make the biggest choice of his life. He knows what he has to do....

His plan is to jump the fence, get in the car and drive as far away as he can. No plan on where to go or who is waiting for him. Will he lose his life? Will the cops catch him? These are all risks he is willing to take to save his best friends life.

Blue and red lights are flashing every which ways. Jackson Longburry is in a car chase. He can't even see the road, it's like he has been stoned for three weeks straight. The light is red! Go! Wait there is someone in the road, blonde hair, tall, and it's Kendall!

How could he do this to her and her family. The drugs, the parties, the girls, Rony told him the world would be his. But in this world he doesn’t have Kendall, and his world is Kendall. Who knew that Miami would be the first place where Jack felt real love for somebody, and killed it all within seconds.

Three days of Kendall in the hospital, she hasn’t woken up yet. The doctors can't do anything now, she has to do it on her own. Jack hasn’t left the room, he hasn’t spoken a word since. It's all his fault, Jack decides to make a video for Kendall and confess his love for her.

"Kendall..... if your ever get the chance to see this or even take another breathe...... I just want to say..... I'm so sorry I ruined your life....I love you Kendall” he says in tears.

Kendall’s heart stop.

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