HumbleFruits All new fruity super smoothie

This is one of our members, Jamie Cameron Hogan
This is our second member, Charlie Thomas Groome
This is me, Dallas Thierry Eley

We sell smoothies that are nothing but fruits and freshness, we also might add low fat yogurt. We don't crush or squeeze, we just BLEND.

We used this exact blender

OK maybe we didn't use that blender but we did use a blender..

The fruit we use in our smoothies is only pure and fresh and I know I've already said that, but I just want to get it across to you.

In our smoothie we attempt to add nothing but fruit and freshness to our smoothie, we also add low fat yoghurt. Our smoothies are very healthy and could help you with weight loss if you exercise aswell

Before we finish our website we just want to say thank you for drinking our smoothies and hope that you like them!!!


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