The Raven Cycle By Maggie Stiefvater, Reviewed by oscar cruz


"If you could steal things from your dreams, what would you take?" In the second installment, the raven boys---a group of friends, practically brothers, continue their search for a dead king, Glendower. The path to Glendower has long lived as an undercurrent beneath Henrietta. Ronan can bring things out of his dreams. As Ronan's secrets begin to reveal themselves, the path to Glendower has begun rising to the surface. Changing everything in its wake.

"Suddenly, for the briefest of moments,panic forced itself up. Am I a dream creature? Would I know? Then he let reason tamp the thought down. All of the boys had baby books, with photos and hospital records. He had a blood type. And if his father had dreamt him, he'd be motionless like his mother. He had been born, not conjured. He was real. What is real?" (Stiefvater 247-248)



In The Dream Thieves, the characters' world is filled with mystery, danger, magic, secrecy, and a hint of history. This is a series of four books; The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves, Blue Lily, Lily Blue, and The Raven King. This series would be greatly loved by fans of Sarah J. Mass's Throne of Glass series, and Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunters novels. What I loved about the novel was the mystery the overflowed the book itself, the secrets I wanted the answers to which kept me glued to my seat, the excitement that ran through my mind as I imagined myself being a member of the Raven boys, and how I would lead the way to Glendower. I especially liked the magic aspect in the novel played out. One of the main characters, Blue, has been told her whole life that if she were to ever kiss her true love, he would die. That particular piece to Blue's character was very intriguing, because you don't know who her true love is, only that he is among the group of boys she's become close companions with.

Henrietta....The town


Blue jumps into a lake to retrieve something, maybe it's a clue to Glendower...
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