Creating Blackboard Assignments

This presentation explains how to create assignments in Blackboard so your students can submit work digitally.

To complete the steps below, edit mode has to be turned on in Blackboard.

While you can create an assignment in any content page on Blackboard, we recommend creating a page specifically for assignment submissions.

  1. Navigate to the content area where you'd like the assignment located.
  2. Click "Assessments"
  3. Click "Assignment"

4. Name the assignment.

5. Type out any special assignment instructions. Alternatively, you can attach an assignment sheet in the next step.

6. Browse for and attach files such as assignment sheets, or other files necessary for students to complete the assignment.

7. Use the date and time selector* to choose a due date for the assignment. If you opt to use this feature, it will indicate if a student submitted the assignment late.

*Note that "midnight" is the beginning of the day; "end of day" indicates 11:59 PM

8. Type in the point value of the assignment. This is a required step.

9. Add or create a rubric.

10. Set your Submission Details, Grading Options and Display of Grades

Submission Details, Grading Options, and Display of Grades

Submission details lets you choose whether you want this to be an individual or group assignment*, the number of submissions (attempts) a student has, and whether you want the assignment checked for plagiarism using SafeAssign.

*To make a group assignment, the groups need to be set up in Blackboard first.

Grading option lets you enable anonymous grading (you can't see students names), and delegated grading (give your TAs specific assignments/students to grade).

Display of Grades lets you chose if and how the grades appear to students in the My Grades Tool.

11. Leave "Make the Assignment Available" checked. If you'd like to hide the assignment from students until closer to the due date, use the date and time selectors to limit the availability.

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