3D printing by: Gerson Gomez

what inspired me to do this is I saw lots of kids playing with fidget spinners that all looked the same. So I thought about making one that looked different and looked better so what I did was make 6 legs instead of 3. I put all the measurements and made it really good.

this is the fidget spimmer i decided to choose red to make it look good. I also decided to make it small to make it fit my hands.

This is how i first started. First what i did is create a template that had 3 holes that was 1/4 of an inch high and 7/8 wide.

Then what i did is copy and paste one of the same template then just align it with each other. I liked how it looked but it looked to simple I wanted to make it look better and cooler.

so this is my end project and how i did it was by adding another template and aligning it so they intersect. Now it looks better and cooler and its one of a kind.

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