Second Semester Art Mackenzie Rader

This semester I completed my dragon project that I have been working on since the beginning of the school year. It was supposed to turn blue but ended up being a metallic steel color which I still really like. Here are some pictures from different angles around my dragon.

Before and in the process of making my all of these projects I worked on three little projects of a watercolor eye, a small motivational painting for my friend painted with thick paint and a palette knife, and a set of five different Dr. Seuss fish sketches that will be transferred onto thick foam and painted for our school musical. I´ve got part of them painted but not detailed they are also pictured below.

Fish Scketches
Fish Cutouts Painted
Fish Cutouts Painted

The next thing I made was as small rabbit sculpture for my little cousin Willow. Later on I also made a small fish sculpture for my little cousin Jeanalie. Both of these are pictured below.

Next I decided I would further my work with throwing pottery. To start out I made a couple small bowls.

Then I decided to make a tea set. I got my inspiration for these from trees. My tea pot is made to look like tree bark and my cups have trees carved into them. These still need glazed but they are dry.

After my tea set I got in a small competition with a classmate of mine Chase Gessinger we had a competition to see who could make the biggest bowl. It is still being determined who is bigger but my bowl will be glazed to be a flower bowl.

Currently I am working on an abstract pot thing that is made with diffrent coils from a coil gun. I made strings and dots and swirls and covered the pot in them. It is not done yet and will have more added to the top and will have more decoration on the top.

Overall this quarter I believe that I have improved a lot as an artist. I have furthered my work in clay, from hand building to throwing. I have gotten better at keeping my walls even on my thrown bowls and worked with different techniques in hand building by using a coil gun. I have also worked a little bit on painting by working on a large landscape and the small painting with the quote on it pictured above.

I have worked a lot with making projects for other people this is the way I make projects even more meaningful for myself, it makes me very happy to see how people love the pieces I make for them. Also I do works based on things I like a lot of my stuff has animals and nature in it which are things I really enjoy.

If I were to redo any of my projects I would redo my current project of my weird jug thing. I would work the bottom then let it dry some so it would be sturdy and would not crack, I would also make sure I added more slip to it when I attached pieces to help secure them tighter and make it neater overall.

One Artistic Behavior I tried to work on was solving problems. I haven´t had problems getting stuff done but I wanted to get more projects done of a higher complexity and more different projects, Overall I believe that I achieved this and solved this problem to get over 15 projects done this quarter.

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