Roy Costner IV digital Portfolio

My work in production has evolved through the years and is something I never expected to find myself doing. It all began with my fascination and desire to tell stories. During 2011 I started my first business venture creating a local news site called Liberty Speaks. This site was a platform for my friends and me to share stories we loved with our community. Since then, I have become involved as a production staff member with Palmetto Boys State. I loved the thrill of creating content to inspire others. This was only a hobby at the time and it wasn't until I arrived at Clemson University that my hobby began to evolve into a skill. At Clemson, I met Eric Rodgers during a live broadcast production class. He saw the passion behind my drive and offered me an internship with Clemson Broadcast Productions which continued throughout my college career. After meeting Eric, I wanted to take every class I could to master my hobby. "Find Your Happiness" is a piece created for one of the classes offered by Eric Rodgers in Adobe Premiere Pro as I began down this newfound path.

"When you're at your lowest, look to the highest!"

I enjoyed taking any class I could relevant to branding, video creation, and broadcasting. Eventually, I came to a point where I had taken all Clemson had to offer in these specific areas and began to look for others that may tap into these skills. I soon met Dr. Karyn Jones in a persuasion class which became a unique opportunity to continue honing my skills. As a class, we investigated how school shootings could be prevented. We found that the majority of school shootings are the result of ordinary people becoming bullied and alienated. Rather than looking at how to correct the individual, the solution was to create change within the culture. If we could persuade someone like you or me to be a friend to those in darkness, then maybe school shootings could come to an end. The class idea became an independent study the following semester where we produced a campaign to encourage everyone to become the difference. "Interrupt Me" was created as a part of that campaign and allowed us as class the opportunity to take an idea and produce it from start to finish while building upon a theoretical foundation in persuasion.

"There is something in these hills..."

Eventually, I stumbled on the classes offered by the Erwin Center in Brand Communication. After my first class, I had to take them all! During my second class with the Erwin Center, Andy Mendehlson challenged us to create a viral video and I must say we had a lot of fun! "Gameday Hype" was our teams viral video, implementing different ideas behind branding. A foundation in branding I find to be an invaluable asset as I move into the professional world.

"When the Azaleas are blooming in Pickens, South Carolina the little town celebrates!"

As I continued sharpening my skills in videography, producing, and branding, I realized I had a unique opportunity to give back to our community. I got involved with the Pickens Azalea Festival as a volunteer helping design their website and produce content relative to reaching their target audience. Dr. Pyle's class in Public Relations was a priceless resource as we began to generate content. Thanks to his class, and my experiences at Clemson, I am now a board member over branding, marketing, and public relations.

2017 National Champions

I am thankful for all the opportunities I've been provided through Clemson University including working as an intern for Clemson Broadcast Productions and Clemson Athletics. Producing a wide range of content including interviews, hype videos, and social shorts has provided me with a strong foundation to share stories of those around me! This strong foundation lead to the inception of Bebo Originals (www.BeboOriginals.com). Bebo Originals is a marketing firm created to provide opportunities for local businesses to grow their brands through a host of complimentary tools. Through Bebo Originals, we are able to create heartwarming content like the "Pinnacle Performers" piece which ended up going viral and picked up by several news outlets.

No matter what I produce, my goal is to make viewers feel something! Through creative, captivating content I believe we have the ability to cultivate positive change around us! Pickens County Meals on Wheels (PCMOW) is one of the projects I will never forget. PCMOW allowed us to meet outstanding people like 96 year old, Easley, S.C. resident Ernie Parrish in "A Meal from the Heart." No matter what we do, life is all about sharing love and creating relationships that will last a life time!

I am excited to see what our future holds!

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