Meggie's Story: Before The Maiden Voyage By: Your LA Teachers

March 28, 1912. Somewhere in the South of London, England

Mum says in less than a fortnight, we will be sailing aboard the greatest ship ever. I am so excited; I can hardly think of anything except being on holiday with my family aboard the magnificent Titanic. My cousins in America can't wait to see how much I've grown since they last visited London in autumn. I'd give 5 shillings to see Cousin Beatrice's reflection when she looks in the pier glass, knowing that I am taller than she. Oh, she will be simply green! When I arrive in Boston, wearing my dainty new bonnet, I'll pretend to be demure and not to notice her open-mouthed glares. Cousin Beatrice really can be hateful sometimes. Seriously, she acts as if she should still be wearing nappies. And what have I EVER done to her? Well, I guess there WAS that time I put a hairy spider in her coat pocket. Ok, and maybe the carton of worms in her bed wasn't very nice of me, but REALLY...She deserved that for—

"Meggie! Meggie Dear! Time to come in," Mum calls from our flat.
"Meggie? Where are you? Are you daydreaming up in the apple tree again? There will be no tea for you, Young Lady, if you haven't emptied the dustbin and collected the post!"
Oops! She discovered me. "Ok, Mum, I'm coming!" It wasn't worth getting into an argy-bargy over doing my chores. I may be only eleven, but Mum is always chuffed after I've done my chores.
Quickly I jumped out of the apple tree and brushed myself off. Mum always seems to interrupt my thoughts just when they are getting good. Remembering how Cousin Beatrice shrieked when her cold toes collided with those cold worms in an even colder bed causes me to collapse in a fit of giggles every time.
"What's for tea?" I shouted.
"Your favourite," Mum replied with a smile. And just like that, bonny thoughts of torturing my annoying Cousin Beatrice flew from my bonnet, as I settled in to a cozy tea time by the fire, complete with chocolate biscuits and a tin of sweets, hoping this fortnight would pass with haste.
Soon, very soon, I would be sailing to America on the world's first unsinkable ship. Titanic.

British Words: mum (mom), fortnight (2 weeks), holiday (vacation), autumn (fall), shillings (coins), pier glass (mirror), bonnet (hat), nappies (diapers), flat (apartment), argy-bargy (argument), chuffed (pleased), tea (snack), dustbin (garbage can), post (mail), fit of giggles (episode of laughter), bonny (happy), teatime (snack time), biscuits (cookies), tin (jar), sweets (candy)


Created with images by funnytools - "sea times titanic" • jthetzel - "Boston apartments" • ekaterinalexandrovna - "spring flowers tree" • Pretty/Ugly Design - "worms" • JaseCurtis - "Perfect Companions." • M. Martin Vicente - "Titanic"

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