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"Waterfall" 2016. Acrylic and sand. 14" x 16.5"

I quickly did a rough sketch of where the water would come from and then go and where the rocks would be. I wanted to incorporate a little greenery too, so I added the tree on the left. I wanted to add some texture especially on the rocks, so I mixed art sand with glue and put that on the canvas. After that had dried I started painting the base of the piece-the rocks, grass and pool of water at the base of the waterfall. I then used white paint to create foam. To make the water look realistic, I took water downed white using a small brush and moved the brush in swish movements.

I’ve always wanted to paint a waterfall because I have never tried to paint water before and though this would be the perfect opportunity to. I really wanted the waterfall to stand out, so that’s why I placed it in the centre of the painting, and loved the idea of incorporating a aqua colour. In the end, the painting was a lot easier than I had expected it to be so I am glad that I didn't shy away from the project.


"Venice" 2014. Graphite Drawing. 11" x 14"

I looked through many travel photos of Venice before I found the one I based off this. I decided to change it up a bit by adding the stairs on the main part as opposed to the left hand side where they originally were. I did a basic, not too detailed sketch of this first and then started shading the darkest areas first with a variety of graphite and sketching pencils. I used a blender and various different shading pencils to make the shading more gradual and natural looking.

I love travelling, and going to Venice is on my list of places to visit next, but until then I love going through photographs of the canals in Venice. Until the day I actually am fortunate to go to Venice for myself I will enjoy looking at this piece. I wanted to do a piece to have a bit of Venice with me without it being the cliche image of Venetian canals. I chose to do a drawing that did incorporate the canals, because without them it wouldn't be Venice, but wanted to do a Venice scene with a little more added, and the people and the homes/apartments were a perfect fit. I hope to go to Venice in the near future and take my own stunning photographs and hopefully turn them into more drawings or paintings.

"Betty White"

"Betty White" 2016. Ceramic Sculpture. 8.5" x 11" x 0.5"

To make this sculpture, I made it a plan to elevate the nose, cheeks, chin and a bit of the forehead, hair and shirt. After mapping this all out, I rolled and molded small pieces of clay and slipped and scored them onto the on to the areas where I planned to have elevated. Once in place, I smoothed them down to make them natural and actually resemble Betty White's face with my fingers and some small smoothing tools. After adding all the parts of the face, I did her hair and clothes by shaping clay into those exact shapes/forms and placing them with slip and score. Once the sculpture was done and had been dry for about a week, it was put in the kiln for a bisque fire. Once it was out of the kiln, it had been time to paint it with under glazes. After doing three to even five coats in certain places all over the sculpture, I did three layers of top before it went into the kiln for a final firing.

For the "person of power" ceramic sculpture project, I chose to do Betty White. As of 2013, Betty White has been recognized as having the longest television career for a female entertainer. Betty is a comedian, actor, radio and television show host. And has played many roles in various shows and movies all throughout her 77 year career. Alongside winning a total of 17 different awards for her acting and comedy, Betty White is still very much an animal rights activist. I chose Betty White as my subject for this assignment because is known as a pioneer of television, because she was one of the first women to be in control in front and behind the camera. She's been spreading laughter since her career started at 17 years old. Her career in television and film has always been humorous roles. Her goal is to make people laugh, because as some see it laughter is the best medicine, and therefore she possess the power of laughter.

Betty and Betty side by side.

"Notre Dame Basilica- Montreal"

"Notre Dame Basilica - Montreal" 2016. Digital Photograph. 8.5" x 11"

Upon arriving to Old Montreal, I began to roam the main square that was surrounded by Notre Dame Basilica, Old City Hall and a mix of new sky scrapers and older buildings that were now apartments and office buildings with shops and restaurants underneath. I walked in front of the Notre Dame Basilica many times back and forth clicking the shutter button every time it was a new angle. After some adjustments with the zoom and my positioning I captured this on my Canon Rebel T5.

Last summer, my family and I went on a road trip to Halifax over the span of two weeks, and our first stop out of Ontario was Montreal-Old Montreal to be exact. I took this on the second day of the trip. We had arrived just in time for me to catch the beginning of the sunset. My goal was to capture the beautiful architecture of the buildings with the light on them at an angle that would make them more interesting. The year before my family and I had gone to Paris and I took many photos of the Notre Dame Basilica there and my goal was to take interesting angles so that I could eventually compare Montreal's Basilica to Paris's for fun.

"The Swan"

"The Swan" 2014. Pastel. 8.5" x 11"

My parents and grandmother in the summer of 2014 decided to go on a little road trip and give me the chance to see more of Bosnia than the capital city-Sarajevo. We first drove to the Spring of the Bosnian river (Vrelo Bosna) which has lots of smaller scale waterfalls, pathways, bridges, and wild swans. That was the only time I was only a few metres away from swans, so I didn't let the chance go to waste so I decided to photograph the beautiful animals. I waited for 30 minutes for one of the swans to do something, when finally this particular swan decided to fly out of the water and I got it mid-shot. When we came back to Canada, I wanted to turn this into a pastel piece. I did a quick sketch, placing the swan lower down so it wouldn't be cut off, and proceeded to colour the background various shades of brown. Then it came to do the various of greys for the actual swan. The last part was the beak, eyes and last minute shadows.

I took this photo in the summer of 2014 when my parents had decided to go back to Bosnia to visit my grandmother and other family. During the trip, we decided to take a little road trip to a few places that my parents and grandmother would visit. The first stop was Vrelo Bosna, a public park part of the Spring of the Bosnian river. I was lucky enough to get very close to the wild swans there. I wanted to take photographs and waited until one of the swans decided to fly out of the water. After going to a few other really gorgeous places I showed my grandmother the photos I took and she loved them and loved that she was able to take me there. So I turned this photograph into a pastel piece to give to my grandmother as a reminder of the beautiful day we spent exploring Bosnian landscapes. This piece always reminds me of the beauty of Bosnian that I have seen already and hope to see more of in the future.


"Airbnb" 2016. Mixed Media. 22" x 18"

After going through Google, Instagram and many magazines for reference photos of a stylish bedrooms, I came up with the idea of doing a super cool condo with one glass wall. I first sketched out a simple one-point perspective room that included a fireplace on the middle wall. After planning out the furniture and basic layout I found reference photos for the bed, chair and importantly-skyline. I then began painting the bed and floor with watercolour and slowly but surely the skyline. After I completed 90% of the piece in watercolour, I used pencil crayon and marker to add more detail.

I wanted to do a super modern and clean bedroom in a downtown Toronto condo. My goal was to model it after my dream condo. I used a lot of design magazines as references as well as popular images on Google and Instagram of condos and modern bedrooms. I also did a modern condo because my goal is to become an Interior Designer one day and I think it would be super cool and fun to actually design a real life space like the one I painted. Also, I chose to make it a condo in Toronto, because I have never done any piece relating to Toronto, especially the skyline so I thought it would be a fun and learning challenge to try to paint it.

progress work for "Airbnb"

Some Extra Art Work!

*all photos on this page are mine*


all photos are my own

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