Retrieval Practice Self-Study


To help myself learn how to convert decimal to binary, I chose to use the self-testing technique. I created my own problems and found a few worksheets online to practice from. I did this for 15-30 minutes for one week from Monday, the day I learned the material, to Friday, the day of the quiz.

Flash cards

To help remember vim commands that I were need for coding in the vim text editor, I used flash cards. I wrote on one side the name of the command and what it did for the program and how it differed from other command on the other. I also used this method for only a week, which was enough time for me to completely memorize the commands we needed to know so far in the class.


I also used Quizlet as a source to practice and remember vim commands for the Computer Science 1010. I used the sites flash cards and took a short quiz about the basic commands. I did this for about 15-30 minutes each day for a week until I finally had the commands memorized.

Trying these techniques did show some improvement in my grade. I received a perfect score on a quiz that had to do with converting binary to decimal and did better on labs that required me to write a program using the text editor Vim. In all, I felt that the Quizlet may have helped out the most. I was faced with questions that I did not know were coming or were that important. I answered them the best I could, saw my results to see what I did right and wrong, and tried again. This helped me build confidence in figuring out the material. I think that my experience with these techniques in the future will lead me to feeling more confident in myself when preparing for an upcoming quiz or test.


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