Repair Damage Exchange Mailbox fix Corrupted Exchange Mailbox

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How to repair the exchange mailbox or How to Export EDB File to Outlook PST File format?

There is not any direct method available to recover data from injured database. Thus, with the help of two very sophisticated Microsoft add-on tools, i.e., Eseutil and Isinteg that is used to rescue damaged exchange server.

New-MailboxRepairRequest Cmdlet to Repair Exchange Mailbox

Use the New-MailboxRepairRequest cmdlet to detect and repair mailbox corruptions. You can run this command against a specific mailbox or against a mailbox database. Before grating New-MailboxRepairRequest command. Various permissions are required to repair the MS Exchange database:

  1. Grant access permission to various parameters like Corruption Type, Database, Archive, StoreMailbox, Mailbox, etc.
  2. No need to dismount a database to fix error and repairing mailboxes

Use New-MailboxRepairRequest Command

  1. Scan and repairs Folder Views for the mailbox ash_old New-MailboxRepairRequest -Mailbox -CorruptionType FolderView
  2. Scan and repair Provisioned Folder and Search Folder corruption issue from ash01 Mailbox : New-MailboxRepairRequest -Mailbox -CorruptionType ProvisionedFolder, SearchFolder –DetectOnly.
  3. Scan and repair Aggregate Counts for all mailbox on database ABC-DB11 New-MailboxRepairRequest -Database ABC-DB11 -CorruptionType AggregateCounts
  4. Scan and then restore various corruption types for Sania Mailbox and archive redundant database items New-MailboxRepairRequest -Mailbox Sania -CorruptionType ProvisionedFolder, SearchFolder, AggregateCounts, Folderview –Archive
  5. Create variable to identify user Sania’s mailbox. $Mailbox = Get-MailboxStatistics Sania
  6. Now, use this variable to specify the values for Database and StoreMailbox parameters to generate a request. It will scan and repair all existing corruption issues. New-MailboxRepairRequest -Database $Mailbox.Database -StoreMailbox $Mailbox.MailboxGuid -CorruptionType ProvisionedFolder, SearchFolder, AggregateCounts, Folderview

(Note : Executing powershell cmdlets involves several complications and is a very hard/tedious task until you have an appropriate knowledge about them. So, the best option to take professional/Experts help )

In this process users can see event ID does not show any mailbox result. In this case users can use ESEUTIL command line which helps to repair corrupt database. Eseutil is a command-line utility that can be found in the \EXCHSRVR\BIN directory

First, you can try to restart the Server for performing a Recovery.

  1. Safe copy all the original databases, logs and log files with working directory.
  2. Check the database state and expected log files eseutil.exe /mh e:\temp\data\exchdb.edb
  3. "Recover" the database. This replays missing transaction logs into the database file - run: eseutil.exe /r E00 /d"e:\temp\data\exchdb.edb". You might receive an error that there is an outstanding database attachment. eseutil.exe /r E00 /d"e:\temp\data\exchdb.edb" /i
  4. recheck the database state with the command in -If it still shows dirty shutdown you need to repair the database with: eseutil /p e:\temp\data\exchdb.edb
  5. Recheck the database once more and it should show clean shutdown. At this point you should defrag the database : eseutil /d e:\temp\data\exchdb.edb

If this fails, follow the given simple steps to perform Exchange server repair using HARD RECOVERY:

  1. Run ESEUTIL command to do a hard repair of the database: “ESEUTIL /P database_filename.edb"
  2. Now try deleting the log and chk files.
  3. Use “eseutil /d database_filename.edb" command to defrag the database.
  4. Run this form the same BIN folder: “eseutil /d database_filename.edb"
  5. Try to mount the stores

For more Detail, please visit at here :

If you want to export EDB file to Outlook PST file format, Microsoft provides you ExMerge.exe, ExMerge wizard for extracting data from mailbox and save them into Outlook PST files. Read more :

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