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In this unit we learned all the different families of functions. This is going to be useful because it will be important to identify different graphs and lines in future classes and careers, especially if I become and engineer of some kind.


In the American Revolution unit we learned how the 13 colonies became an independent country from Great Britain. This will be important in the future to know because I am an American and I should know this and it will be good background information for future classes.

Language Arts

In this text I explained what my name meant and if I could relate to what it meant. I did good because I was able to use many writing techniques such as brushstrokes. This will be important in the future as it will help me write better and make good impressions to employers.

Physical Science

In the energy unit we learned how energy gets transferred and how it affects objects. Information like this will be extremely important If I was to become and engineer, or just in future classes. As an engineer you will have to know all sorts of things involving energy and this class taught me well. Especially Mrs. Tonkin



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