What is the X-15?

There is a shadow on the ground, a huge one shaped like a bomber aircraft. You slowly turn your head up to see a bomber aircraft known as a B-52. BFFFFFFFFF! Was it a missile? Something was fired from the B-52’s wing. You squint as the sun glared at the object launched from the B-52 all you see is a silhouette. It lurched across the sky right above you. Wings arched, nose sharp, engine screaming, this is all you see for a split second for the object is an aircraft. But this is not just any aircraft, this aircraft is the X-15.


The X-15 can also reach altitudes and 354,200 feet, which is above the first two layers of earth’s atmosphere (mesosphere)


The X-15 is a hypersonic (can go over 5 times the speed of sound) manned aircraft that can reach speeds of 4,520 mph. This is about 6.7 mach- more than six times the speed of sound


Created with images by PRMF - "scenery" • VonSinnen - "sky forward clouds" • Navicore - "2009 Leonid Meteor"

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