Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics! Our STEAM week was a great success!

At the beginning of October the bilingual course students had the chance to carry out hands-on projects and the result was fantastic: recycled paper, volcanoes erupting, roller coasters and a lot of other activities to help them think out of the box. After that, groups were invited to visit each other’s classrooms and presented in English what they had done! Take a look at this amazing event:

GRADE 1 - Recycled Paper ♻️

Students went to the Arts classroom and learned new vocabulary by cutting, blending and mixing wet paper to make a recycled sheet. - Ms Bianca, Ms Deborah and Ms Joana.


GRADE 2 - Robots 🤖

By studying paralympic athletes and robots, Grade 2 students discussed what anyone can achieve with a little help from technology. Arts and crafts developed based on a very relevant subject! - Mr Vinícius.

GRADE 3A - Stone Age ⚒️

What was life like in the Stone Age? Students did research on the prehistoric animals, humans, tools and environment and came up with interesting ideas for their presentation. They got very engaged! - Ms Leandra


GRADE 3B - Designing a Game 🎲

Students decided to design a board game in order to associate the English language with fun. When other groups visited them, everybody enjoyed the project together. - Mr Douglas.

GRADE 4A and B - Volcanoes 🌋

Making a volcano erupt was a challenging task, but even so very rewarding! The new vocabulary and the history behind it turned the experience unforgettable. - Mr Gustavo and Ms Roberta.


GRADE 4C - Bird Feeder and Microscope 🐦🔬

The evening students chose to make a sustainable bird feeder and talked about how to care for mother nature. A microscope was also designed to study some seeds. - Ms Leandra.

GRADE 5A - Soapbox Cars 📦🏎️

Morning students gathered information about an African artist and used it to decorate an engineering project: soapbox cars! Telling their stories in English was an opportunity to develop social and speaking skills. - Ms Cláudia.

GRADE 5C - Magnets 🧲

In the evening, children investigated how magnets work and transformed the information into a game which was played with paper clips. The other groups were very keen on learning more about it. - Ms Amanda.

GRADE 6 - Natural Disasters: The Role of Water 🌊

Instead of studying about water and tsunamis only using coursebooks, Grade 6 students made a YouTube video to develop their computer skills. Why should one learn English only in a school classroom? 😉 - Ms Joana.


Grade 7 - How Cities are Affected by Earthquakes 🌏🏙️

Earthquakes affect cities around the world very often and analyzing why and how they happen was a thought-provoking topic studied by Grade 7 students. - Mr Vinícius.

Grade 8A and B - Roller Coasters 🎢

After having ridden roller coasters in amusement parks, Grade 8 teens imagined and produced one by themselves! The project involved technology, arts and mathematics and showed how creative our students are. - Ms Camila and Mr Gustavo.


GRADE 9 - Wind Turbines🌬️⚡

How can we learn about protecting the planet and English at the same time? Grade 9 teenagers explored facts about wind turbines and electricity and lit their own sustainable house. Well done, guys! - Ms Leandra.