KNB313 - Assignment 2 - Wk 9 Learning Pathway

Week 9 and 10 Tasks

This week you will continue the process of outlining how you are going to address your chosen issue for your 3rd year production. Last week you wrote some questions to inform yourself about your issue and its relevance to your production. In weeks 9 and 10, you are going to follow up with outlining four specific strategies for addressing your issue. You will write 150 words for each strategy (for a total of 600 words across the two weeks).

A strategy is something you will do to concretely make a difference to how you will address your issue. If for instance, if your issue was cultural politics, with a focus on gender, what strategies would you use to ensure that you are not drawing on reductive stereotypes of males and females in your production? If your issue was social media savvy, what specific strategies would you use to best use social media to promote your production (or to avoid causing problems for your production).

When you outline your strategies, it should be clear that these strategies are informed by the critical enquiry you undertook when writing your questions and some responses in Week 8.


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