Good Life Tour of the Harn Halyna Hnatkiv

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

"Black Flame" by Tanaka Tomomi

This sculpture titled Black Flame is a perfect example of an artwork that needs to be viewed in person. The artist used stoneware to elaborately create a sculpture filled with curves and details. A picture does not accurately portray the 3D aspect of the sculpture as the designs are made around the whole sculpture and it is important to view the artwork from different angles, as each will give you a unique perspective on the piece. The artwork is titled black flame but to me it spoke more of as a fallen dark flower, the designs reminded me of the petals of a flower, but the dark color and the material used gave it a darker connotation. The medium of the artwork is truly what sets it apart from other pieces as it allows the flame to come to life and give the impression that its growing.

Design of the Museum

"Gorilla Girls" Exhibit

The Gorilla Girls exhibit of the Harn Museum was particularly appealing to me. The exhibit itself was fairly small compared to the others that I toured but this one spoke to me. It gave me more of a modern feel to art and I felt as I could relate to it as it focused on the modern age and in particular, women of the modern age, working women. The space was a small curved space that lead into a large open space full of other modern works of art, I felt like this contributed to what the exhibit was trying to portray, how women are becoming more of a force in modern society compared to a couple decades ago when women mostly played a very small role in society. There was one large painting on one wall and opposite that, the other wall was filled with small pieces of art all sharing the common theme of the "Gorilla Girls". This gave you an opportunity to examine a large number of artworks in a small space. The only thing I would have liked to see in this exhibit was maybe a different use of lighting, the light here was harsh and possibly a darker of lighter shade would have portrayed the artwork better.

Art and Core Values

"Do Women Have to be Naked to Get Into the Met Museum? Update" 2012

This piece of artwork appealed to my core value of Self Awareness and Confidence. The statistic on the artwork represents how women are viewed differently in society, but what I liked about this artwork is that this fact is being acknowledged, acknowledgment is the first step to change. I consider myself a feminist and a very confident person, therefore I have no problem speaking my mind and letting others know what I believe in. So when I saw this artwork, it reminded me of myself in the idea that the artist is bringing attention to a common issue in the modern age. It invoked in me a sense of responsibility to raise awareness to the differences between men and women, for example, the wage gap. I appreciate my self awareness core value even more, as I am fortunate enough to be educated in a society where I have room for growth and the opportunity to become who I want to become in society.

Art and the Good Life

"St.Jean's Bay" 1926 by Leon Kroll

St.Jean's Bay portrays the Good Life I want to achieve. The oil painting pictures a coastal village with some beautiful scenery. To me the Good Life means a life without worry, a peaceful existence that hopefully I can achieve when I retire. Looking at this painting, I dream of retiring with a view like this. A house overlooking the water, where people are not stressed and life is easy. In the Good Life, I would like to be surrounded by my family and friends, like pictured here, with people close to me that I care about. This is the Good Life to me, exactly how it is portrayed in the painting.

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