Age of Exploration Flow Chart By: Cori wilman

Portuguese Exploration

Causes of the Portuguese Exploration are Spain and Portuguese started sailing for spices. Portuguese had better developed ships. 1497 Vasco de Gamma reached and discovered Arabia, India.

Effects of the exploration are they become wealthy countries. They could seal places, take over land and they could get more spices. They got more wealthy as they discovered more spices.

African Slavery

Causes of the African slavery are Native workers died of disease. Bartolomé de Las Casas. They were wealthy and so they needed people to do work.

Effects of the African slavery are African Bahamas. They died- a lot of them died. Spain got wealthy.

Columbus discovered the new world

Causes of the discovery of the new world are he told the king of Portuguese he knew a short cut but got locked out. Spain agreed to fund his voyage they sent money from the reconquista of Spain. The new ships had the trades so he could sail better.

Effects of the discovery of the new world are he thought he found a shortcut to the East Indies. The ships put him there faster. He died after he was acknowledged for discovering the New World. Though Christopher Columbus didn't discover the New World, one of the impacts of his exploration was the opening of the North America to settlement and exploration devastation of Native popularity.

Fail of Spanish Armada

Causes of the fail of the Spanish Armada are English attacks Spanish ships. Take Gold and Silver. Sea storms were a part of the Armada's defeat. The English raided the Armada before it left Spain.

Effects of the fail of the Spanish Armada are English defeated them. Had to cut all anchors and set sail. English wanted more supplies and went home.

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