Islam By:Sharon chen and coutney HAMMONDS


Demographics: Followers of Islam are called Muslim,which in Arabic means "one who submits to god". Over 1.7 Billion followers practice Islam. 62% of the Islam live in the Asia-Pacific area, Indonesia is one of the largest muslin population in a country.


Background: In 600 CE Islam was founded by a man named Muhammad. Muhammad believed that he was visited by a angel who brought message from one true god,allah.So Muhammad began to preach another form of monotheism. The leader of of Mecca thought it wasn't popular ,so Muhammad and his followers were forced to leave Mecca. After a few year Muhammad and his followers went back and conquer Mecca, Islam quickly spread across Middle East,North Africa.


Key person: Muhammad believed an angel came to him. Which made him into prophet.


Spread: Muhammad and his followers spread Islam throughout the Arabian peninsul. Islam also spread from Mecca through Central Asia,North Africa,and Spain

Islam people

Basic belief: They believe in one god. There basic belief consist of: God,Angles,Books,Prophets,the last day ,and predestination. The Muslim believe in a final judgment day. The code of behavior that Islam live their live by is: Spiritual Life,Intellectual Life,Personal life, Family Life,Social Life,Economical Life,Political Life,International Life.

Holy book: Qurary

Sacred place of Worship: Mosque is the place of the Islam worship


Symbols: The star and cresent is the symbol that represent Islam. The star and crescent was a polytheistic icon adopted during the spread of Islam.


Holiday:Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha are two official holidays of Islam.

Interesting Fact: The art if forbidden to show any part of a human.Five Pillars: Faith,Prayer,Charity,Fasting,Pilgrimage to Mecca.


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