Archeology dig March 17, 2016


Speaker: Mr. Davis

The life of going places where no one has been

Dig Plan View
Created By: Gabbie Garcia
Record Level Forms
The Dig
This is the cement datum that is facing north
Out new TU9 was measured with one quad already cleared of leaf litter
Test Unit 9

2 x 4 unit

The unit is 16 m north of the cement datum and 5m east of the cement datum

After the unit had a parameter around it we cleared all of the leaf litter.

Attendance: Participants and Visitors
  • Dr. Butler
  • Dayna
  • Lauren
  • Mr. Davis
  • Hilary
  • Gabbie
  • Siyona
  • Josue
  • Issac
  • Ashley
  • Misty
Classmates at the March Dig

It was an interesting time because instead digging in the deep of hole of TU8, we decided to close that up start TU9. It was a little to think about when we had to calculate which direction to go and how many meters. This unit is upon a mound so I am hoping that we will find significant artifacts. The unit is now prepared for our next visit so we can start digging deeper.

Archaeology Class of 2016-2017

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